About me

My name is Thomas RAMIREZ, and I am a little more than 25 years old, in this year 2020. But don't ask me why I choose the Jimskapt nickname, I've no rational reason to give ! 😜

Nîmes Arena

Photo of the Nîmes Arenas, by Krzysztof Golik

I live in the aera of Nîmes, in Occitannie (south of France), since few years after my birth.

I'm a self-taught software developer for about 10 years, now.

Beginnings : benevolent creation of website for associations

Photo of a web dev developper

Photo of a web dev developper, by Danical RiCaRoS

I've started to learn web developpement with curiosity, in (x)HTML4, CSS1, PHP4, and a little bit of Javascript during my teenage years, mainly thank to courses which was freely available on the Site Du Zéro, at the time.

Photo of a RC buggy   Photo of a RC plane

Photo of a 4WD RC buggy off-road, by Myrabella and an RC plane, by Oren Rozen

I quickly had the opportunity to practice this new knowledge with developping the website of the association of RC cars during a couple of years where I was a member, then the website of the association of RC aeromodeling where I was also a member during 2 years, after swapping my RC cars with an helicopter and then planes.

It was dynamic website I design with back-office from scratch (the use of frameworks was not really an habit at this moment). It was a kind of C.M.S. but made to measure, basically.

A particularity of the RC car website was that we regularly published written coverages of the different league races in which we took part (about ten per year), with many pictures.

Professionnalisation : working in mechanics design office

A technical drawing

A technical drawing, by Sven Mieke

I then decided to stop modelism to focus on my scientific and then technical studies on general mechanics, where I learn how to design and build mechanical systems.

When I was a student, on my free-time, I also learned and practice during few years the Java 7 and then 8, again mainly thank to the Site Du Zéro. I also learn C, C++ and Python basis, but I was less hooked.

I finished my last year of study in a Vocational Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design in alternating work-study, with Computer-Aided Design specialization.

So I worked for one year in work-study alternate in a Design Office as an design/draftman, with close connection with manufacturing (machining, sheet-metal) and assembly workshops. Then my passion and skills in computer science were spotted and the company offered me to continue to work for it to ensure maintenance of its (growing) computer park, and especially to deploy and customize a software for the management and broadcasting of information inside the company : a PLM.

A 3D printer

A cartesian FDM 3D printer, by ZMorph

I still curious about mechanics. For exemple, I am actively interested in aeronautics, aerospace, 3D printing, and technical sciences in general. The discipline that attracts me the most is mechatronics, that means the discipline between mechanics, computers and electronics.

Confirmed passion : Computer Science

Today, I have the luck to continue to learn with practive the computer science in this predominantly mechanical company that has trusted me for several years, now.

A developper in a office

A developper in a office, by Arian Darvishi

It still learning computer science through passion, especially about software. I'm a bit less interessed by hardware, although I like to discover the latest hardware improvments from time to time. I like to take everyday time to process to my technology watch (its became an habit), and thank to that I (re)discovered web developpement with Node.js in 2015, and then Go in 2016, with which I played a lot without building a really tangible product.

In 2017, I discovered the Rust language, and I fell in love with it a few years later (the learning curve was hard), which led me to translate in french a big part of the reference book, between mid-2019 and mid-2020.